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Undercover Agents for Corporate Investigations

Hire an undercover agent in South Africa. In the corporate world, many may not realise the need for a private investigator, but there is in fact quite a need and those facing criminal or fraudulent activities within their businesses will realise this need. Hiring an undercover agent to pose as an employee in the workplace, is a professional and accurate way of gathering the evidence and information required to discharge or criminally prosecute an individual. Criminal activities that occur within corporate concerns is often referred to as blue collar or white collar crime. Organisations where this type of service is most made use of includes banks, factories and businesses operating within the private sector and corporate sector. 

How does this type of intelligence gathering work?

The undercover agent is taken on as an employee of the business where criminal activity, embezzlement, or other fraudulent activity is suspected. This employee is to fit in with the other employees and maintain their cover by means of infiltration (being part of the team in all aspects). This provides the perfect position for the private investigator to uncover areas within the business where the potential for loss and criminal activity to occur. This type of investigation also helps to uncover the criminal methods that have been used, and this can help in avoiding reoccurrence in the future.

Once the required information and evidence has been gathered, interviews and enquiries are entered into to present the information. This is used to corroborate allegations against certain employees and the evidence presented can be used in criminal cases, disciplinary hearings and even in dismissals.

As a business owner your first priority should be to protect your business’ reputation and profitability. While doing so, you will need to ensure that your team of staff members are reliable, trustworthy and have the company’s best interests at heart. If you suspect foul play or illegal activities then incorporating undercover agents into your investigations is a great way to get on top of the situation, without dragging it out for too long.

Only make use of qualified undercover agents operating in your area or country and make sure that they are reputable and ethical too. Have your corporate investigations and undercover operations handled by a professional in the field.

Hiring Undercover Agents

Finding out what exactly the situation is before you confront anyone is absolutely essential and this is where the services of the undercover agent and private investigator (handling these agents) may become VERY useful. Contact us to hire professional undercover agents in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban or anywhere in South Africa.

Undercover Agents (White Collar, Pink Collar and Blue Collar):

Patrick de Marco (private investigator) supplies highly confidential white collar, pink collar and blue collar undercover agents services to company executives in South Africa. He activates, handles and coordinates undercover agents in JohannesburgCape TownDurbanEast LondonPort ElizabethGeorgeBloemfonteinPretoria and in most of the metropolitan areas in South Africa. His national intelligence gathering network of private investigators and private detectives (in pursuit of excellence) can activate undercover agents anywhere in South Africa.

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